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10 February 1982
External Services:

I am a Freelance Artist and an Art
Education Student.

In real life I am known as Barbara Utzinger, as an artist and here on
the internet I am also known as Akeyla.

I live in Switzerland togheter with my boyfriend.

This is my livejournal. Here I write down daily happenings and my

I also post concept artwork and news here and make some special

But please note that this journal is also personal, meaning only one
out of 12 posts is openly viewable. The rest is FRIENDS ONLY.

If you wish to read and know more about me please drop me a note or a
reply with who you are.

for all other questions please ask me at :  akeyla (at) gmx (dot)

for artwork please visit my homepage:


or my deviantart gallery

Beginning this June 2008 I will be taking commissions again!

click the link for more information


Commissions: in june, ask for details

Trades, Requests: sorry, no

Image usage: if I give permission, then yes

Artwork sale: ask if specific interest in a piece

Prints: available, please ask

Next Convention: Eurofurence 14

anatomy, antromorphs, art, books, cat humans, cat-humans, cathumans, catpeople, cats the musical, clay, creating lands and creatures, dragons, fanatsy sculpting, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy sculpting, gryphons, harp, harp playing, hooverphonic, munkustrap, mythology, novels, painting, polymer, radiohead, scetching, sculpting, were, within temptation, writing