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I have come to spam you yet more!
With art!
First, blabbering though.
Therdeban is in Edit, I have begun to write the resume, in short, publsihers applications. The sample chapters/resumés are being read by some really good Betas (the old Betas are just as awesome, but I did seek people who dont know the project for this task) . Editing and doing this 3 Normpage resumé has made my awareness towards my text very very sharp, shortening your novel a full twenty times changes your view. Many thankyous go to my Betas and the writers group which didnt just pass on valuable criticism and ideas but also kept me sane. or I kept them insane? I dont know.
The good news, I havent found any major holes that need severe plastering. Its all about tightening loose ends now. . Kill your darlings, my most precious lesson ever.
Its weird to say, that the most significant protagonist of which I thought was one, didnt even make it to the Exposé. Thus, Antralis, my grey Hero, has been degraded to a side role. Crazy but true. Thats not just shortening work, thats fact of storyline. I almost edited out Safran. OMG.
  one of the Betas said: if Francesca doesnt make it to the Exposé then you've cut it too short.

Aside of the Resumé/Exposé I am currently editing the old chapters. Some significant changes have happened, everything is with more speed, detail blabbering has been cut. I'm basically rewriting and I'm surprised it doesn bother me. I used to cry when I lost half a page due to say, bad saving. Now I redo 15 pages without blinking. In a day if I must.
I'm trying to give the characters more depth, not just in speech but also with little details. I in particular like Antralis love to read trash literature and use leafs as bookmarks or Safrans mild cursing. I'm hoping that this will aid the project, though skepsis remains a healthy dish until the end.
I've also done more arts for the novel, I'm astonished to say I almost solely draw for Therdeban now. Exeption was Eurofurence, but this be in a sepparate thread.

Lets begin.
You know you are a worldbuilder when you do creatures just like that *snip* without even needing them in the book. *sad creature howlings*
A cousin of an Elella. Named Orea by Alectorfencer who is the Godmama of these:

My beloved Creel. Oh I miss him. Good he's still alive in this Edit Phase.

Finally a premiere of Reero, Creels little daughter. Very much a brat when she first shows up, then in a strange way sisterly to Francesca.

Uh-huh. Sitaar. This was so hard to draw. Sitaar like all characters in Therdeban isnt pure evil, he is just a nasty person with another opinion. And like a lot of egoism on top of it. Its funny how you as author grow close to the protagonist and hate certain characters for what they did to her. This guy is a rapist and murder.

This next one actually is an edit of an old image from chapter 4.

a new image for chapter 4. I'm currently on the umbrella ella ella trip. Somehow. I still want an image with Fran and Antralis, her holding an umbrella up. It represents the shelter he gave and how much she looses to me.

and one of the latest illustrations for chapter 5, for the new version in which two faced Safran plays his role of being a bad Therdeban, but actually willing to help them. Also, Antralis, with his trusing in "the good in us all" leaves Safran tied up beside the weapons. Bad idea. As I've said, I almost cut this character. But I've always had my secret authors crush on him, hey, he's got golden eyes after all. But his old stile annoyed him, he was to "nice". So I went for nasty rebell with a dirty mouth. Safran is after all supposed to be a Teen. He's no older than eighteen here, while Antralis is say, 26 years or such.
Right now my big grey guy is annoyed about his own stupidity. If Safran wasnt a nice guy the story would have ended here, at 30K words... but hey, the thak godness the thing went on to 240K.

I've also decided to mention the illustrations to publishers and agents with my applications. I think they are valuable enough and not as crappy as other things I've seen out there. Just today I met a really horrible cover where someone mutilated a kitten calendar and a souvenir photo and then raped the whole thing together in Photoshop. I'm sorry for the expression, but it really applies.
But thats another story

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41 Chapters, 519 A4 pages, 825 Normpages, approximately 1'000 print pages, 241'070 words, 1485537 signs, one happy yelling woman :D

I finished writing Therdeban. I started in August 2011 and wrote almost weekly one chapter, which then was Beta-read by some really awesome folks, who stayed with me through the end. I can feel I've grown so much in writing and giving things an honest opinion.

This is the prove: YOU WANT IT, YOU CAN DO IT.
its hard work and self discipline, I look at it with pride.

Now comes the hard part, editing and applying with it. I dont see this book out before Christmas at all, I trust it to take over a year. After a year and no clear feedbacks by publishers I will start to look into self publishing. Though, for that I might have to divide it. Which is a whole other story.
Back to work now.

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Safran and Speckle from Chapter 4
Still unfinished, will be shaded to be an interior b/w illustration. I just liked these lines a lot.
I miss these two a lot. They "left" in chapter 17 and 20.

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still say there's lots I can fix, but I also say the background pulls too much attention to show false lighting. This was fun to make, to see how far I could go before the image would be way too much. I'm not really fond of this style, my favourit part is the etchings on the dragon.
As most of my recent art this again is an illustration for Therdeban.

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Applied for another job. This kept me rather busy all weekend, designing a portfolio and coming up with a letter. Latter one can be so hard. I'd chew on one sentence for a whole day.
Heating is working, coffee machine is replaced. I am so far healthy and happy :D (yes, I was actually almost constantly sick since January)

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some more artwork. The house heating is playing nuts. So aside from warming with wood I got to draw and write some more.
Therdeban Chapter 25 went out today and I'm now down to "only" 506 Normpages. I have estimated another 10 chapters, approximately another 200 Normpages.

this one wont go into the novel. I just wanted color for a change. Its a speedpaint of Maugrid, one of my favourit characters.

This is a scene though, Maugrid fighting a hord of Pseudors, chapter 12. The original lines had him on a Lungh. But I canceled that.

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two more Therdeban Artworks, once Chapter 25 (actual) and chapter 7

The Gate to Breegalis:"Francesca describes it as being flanked by two four limbed creatures with bird wings, touching paw by paw on the top. A beautiful sight if it werent for their chopped off heads. Like a foreboding to what might be"

Antralis shows Francesca his childhood photos.

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finished Chapter 24 of Therdeban today (482 Normpages now). Writing the first lines of Chapter 25 right now. I always make a rule of instantly writing a few lines of the next chapter before 24 hours have passed since the last one was done.
I've got two more artworks that I'd like to share, both of which I am rather fond of. The first one is Creel and Francesca from chapter 24. I love the tender father-daughter relationship that developed here. Antralis spoiled Francesca guarded her with his life, decided things for her. Creel pulls out the best in Francesca, she learns dealing with really horrible things and most of all, to keep her dignity and respect of life. Still, she could really use a hug after all she's been through. I'm not that fond of the shading work here (in the series of works this is definitily my worst) but I love the emotion in this one:

This is Creels friendliest towards her by the way. Only because he knows she might be dead within 24 hours.

Then, a piece that happens in the storyline, but not in an active part. Its rather more narrated. I had to draw it because it haunted me. This is Isemael (yes, the matriarch lady from the other post) going to the Pseudor, Bahm.

Look at that fearless Keilan.
Pseudors are my creation (as... all in the novel?) and I love them for their simplicity. Leave them alone or die. Their grotesque and fearsome appearance is crowned with white blossoms when they prepare for the worst, the killing.
Isemael here goes to him on her own will, because she knows him. And because she wants to end her life. But thats another long story that I'll narrate another time.
Thats it for today. More... some other day.

edit: this is how Bahm came to life:

All Photoshop